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My Life of Exchange Student4

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On Aug.8th2015, We 8 students left Dalian to Buchen and started our trip to Korea. We had so many curiosity of everything. After taking off the plane and going through the Korea’s longest bridge Inchon Bridge, we talked about our dormitory. We can easily see small difference. Professor Cui asks if we have some culture shock, thinking for a second, I know there maybe quite different.

Time flies! Thanks for our teacher Mr.Zhao, we solved many problems with his help such as opening a bank’s card, buying cards and making a Student ID card and so on. Buying the things we need, I fell I have a home in Korea and never drift.

We started learning, comprehend the school and integrate into Korea’s atmosphere.(After seeing the Korea’s baseball match, it is so enthusiastic that I never see in China.)We start learning after choices, I chose gamble, Tourism resources analysis, Tourism marketing. Different teachers have different keynote. Gamble is always practical, and everyone would stay at the table and feel so nervous. Our teacher comes from Korea, and he worried we can’t understand difficult words so he speaks English. He is so patient. Another beautiful teacher who teaches Tourism resources analysis, she wants to improve our skills taking me with other two girls who come from Anshan Normal College and make a speech from the class, which makes us know team work.

I also make lots of new friends who come from Philippine, Japan, American and so on. They are so nice. When we cook in kitchen, we share the delicious food and I fell very happiness.(Our dormitory have public kitchen for our students.)It’s time to say goodbye, although I miss my home, but I also miss the people and the things here. I hope I have a wonderful memory during the last month here. And big thanks to Dalian Maple Leaf College of Technology give this chance for me to study abroad.

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