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My life of exchange student3

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In August 2015, I was pleased to be an exchange student in Fuchuan University of Korea. I major in the tourism management. The school requires us to wear uniform every week. We have language lesson. In the afternoon, it’s a professional lesson time. Our professional knowledge is divided into Casino Management, and Tourism Marketing. Some people often ask me;” do you understand?”Chinese exchange students are very concerned about the question of the class. Our casino business teacher is a handsome male teacher. He always uses English to communicate with us to help us to study. Tourism marketing teacher is a Middle-aged male professor. He always uses his spare time to improve our English. Tourism resources teacher is a beautiful teacher. She worries that we couldn’t understand her class and she draw a map of Korea in class. In spare time I attended the Korea Business lesson school organized by the university.

This is my everyday life in Korea.

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