Our College and the Malaysia Wanda Institute KBU Project Signed an International Exchange and Cooperation Agreement

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On March 22, 2016, Luo Weixiong, the senior consultant of graduate management center of Malaysia Wanda College, representing a party of two came to visit our college. President of our college, Yang Jie, vice president Xie Jianguo, training center director Zhoudan, international exchanges and cooperation teacher Liang Luyu, general office teacher Yang Chenguang met the guests.

KBU Wanda International College was founded in 1990 by the Sihai Stack Consortia , the world's famous developer. The purpose of the KBU is to provide high quality and affordable higher education opportunities for Malaysia's young generation and foreign students. It offers a very wide range of courses, including relevant certificate, diploma and degree courses for engineering, computer / information technology / multimedia, business ,art and design departments. To provide high quality education has always been the purpose of KBU Wanda International College, so as to cultivate graduates that are popular in various fields of economic knowledge. KBU Wanda International College’s academic standards and high quality education are in full compliance with the requirements of Malaysia National Academic Accreditation Board (LAN or NAB). At the same time, the college maintains its own academic standards and quality identification department. Overseas partner universities will regularly come to identify the quality of the courses.

The visit of Malaysian Wanda College aims to further carry out academic exchanges and cooperation in education on the basis of the mutual understanding. After mutual introduction and investigation, the two sides signed an agreement on international exchange and cooperation successfully.